We offer a commitment to all levels of bathroom remodeling NYC. For years, we have successfully met our client’s demand for cost-effective services!

Below is a few guidelines we recommend for those who are preparing for the bathroom remodeling NYC. Because, first of all and before beginning any type of renovation, you should know the most important steps of your bathroom remodeling.

Stage 1 Full or partial removal of the bathroom before the work

  • This stage is both easy and complicated. This is because we need to disconnect the fixtures and carry out the demolition. 
  • On the other hand, we also need to preserve the original foundation, or anything else you would like to remain the same while remodeling. 

Stage 2 Bath installation

This stage is very important for us within the bathroom remodeling in NYC. Because our clients will use this bath every day for many years, it is important to choose the right size and shape of the bath at this stage.

So, we need to have the correct measurements and select the type of bath or shower. The bath can be round, oval, square, rectangular etc.

While choosing the size and shape of the bath, you should pay attention to whether such a form would suit the design of the bathroom and be convenient. Only after a detailed examination, you may buy the bathtub. 

We would also be completing the plumbing portion during this stage.

Stage 3 Installation of the bathroom tile

The next important stage of conducting bathroom remodeling NYC is installing the tile. 

We recommend you ask our professional opinion of which tile to buy, the amount of tile you should buy, and whether you're purchasing the correct size tile. While choosing the tile, you should pay attention to the quality and whether it is environmentally friendly or not and only then choose the design. We, in turn, choose the tile from the best ecologically certified producers. The tile is available in all possible designs and it meets all quality standards.

Stage 4 Painting walls and Installation of Fixtures

Working with bathroom walls, their reconstruction and improvement is one of the last stages of bathroom remodeling NYC.

These are several important notes that should be taken into consideration while working on the bathroom wall:

  • We are able to assist you if you have any trouble choosing the paint, whether its the company or the color.
  • Its not necessary for you to paint the bathroom wall; you can have the entire wall covered with tiles.
  • Wallpaper is another option to be considered on the bathroom wall.

This final step also includes the installation the fixtures, such as vanity, medicine cabinets, toilet, facets, etc.

If you have the questions about the bathroom remodeling NYC, call us or write to us on the contact page.