We can execute complex kitchen remodeling NYC projects that suit your personal style and preferences. We can assist you in making your kitchen stylish.

A lot of our clients are curious about the process of Kitchen remodeling NYC, that our company performs. So, we published a guide on kitchen remodeling that can be found below. 



Careful removal of old kitchen equipment (e.g. appliances, kitchen cabinets, etc.)

We will remove everything very carefully, disconnecting old appliances, electricity, and plumbing from the kitchen. 

Careful and proper replacement of kitchen equipment from kitchen remodeling nyc

After remodeling the kitchen to your wants and needs, we install the new kitchen appliances and cabinets, giving it a fresh new look. We also reinstall the plumbing, meanwhile fixing any nuances in the overall structure. 

Our certified electricians will select, replace and set up the best light in your kitchen

Replacement of wires and light equipment in accordance with the standards of New York.

We will help you to choose:

  • the type of lamp and light
  • electric light installed into furniture
  • ventilation
  • fire control system

Painting walls in the kitchen

We'll help you choose which brand of paint suits you best. Whether its based on the price or its level of eco-friendliness, we'll point you in the right direction. 

We are also able to assist you in choosing the paint color that will give your kitchen the final upgrade it needs.

Installation of floor in the kitchen

We are able to install any type of floor you wish. These include: wooden floors, marble tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, electric floor heating systems, radiant heating systems, etc.

Installation of kitchen furniture and plumbing

We choose furniture and plumbing together with you. Kitchen cabinets, built-in furniture, tables, chairs.

If you want to order our kitchen remodeling service, please contact us or request a free estimate here.