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Our company offers a wide range of all painting services NYC. Whether you need interior painting or exterior painting in New York City, we are at your service.

You can also count on us if you need the wall coverings or want us to give paint effects in your home.  

You may choose one of many painting services in New York, learn more about the process of painting and order the service for yourself in three easy clicks. 

Interior painting

If you decide to paint the inner walls of your home, we'll make sure none of your furniture or floors are damaged. If you decide to paint one room, we'll finish the job in as little as one day. If you decide to paint your entire apartment/house/complex, we are able to finish it in 3-7 days. In addition to finishing the painting in record time, we will be extremely careful to not damage anything and we guarantee you a quality job you will be satisfied with. 

Exterior painting

First of all, it is necessary to clear all external surfaces of the house, taking into account from which material they are made (a brick, a wood or other material).  Proper and careful cleaning of the surfaces of your home exterior is an important and indispensable step in the preparation for all external painting services NYC.  

Then there is another very important stage in the exterior painting. It includes the repair and smoothing of damaged surfaces. You may not start painting your house until your surfaces are perfect and plane. It can be a wood, a metal or a plaster.  All these surfaces require care. In order to fill in the variety of cracks, openings, and other damages, we use a special filler that helps to get rid of cracks in your home and prepare it for the painting.

Wall coverings

First of all, our employees carry out the detailed wall measurements, because only using a professional measuring tape and having a great experience in the sphere of painting services NYC, it is possible to set up the wallpapers of the high quality in your home.  Then, we together with you need to choose the design of the wallpapers. Here again, there are some nuances. If the wallpapers are too bright and colored, they can distract your and your guests’ attention. And vice versa, if they are too gray or dark, they can spoil the general look of your room.  That is why our workers are professionals who will help you to find the right wallpaper for your home.

Paint effects

Another type of painting services NYC is paint effects. We can do all kinds of effects on your request, from the Metallic-effect paints to Graphic stripes.